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Kathy Hood- Principal Consultant

Kathy joined Parrallel Management as Senior Consultant after a successful career in a series of high profile roles in quality and operations, specialising in plastics and manufacturing companies.


She began her career in Research and Development within a material science multinational, where she managed key development projects for lead customers such as Boeing and the MOD, becoming recognised as a leading expert in non-hazardous flame retardants. 


After receiving management training, she opted for the SME sector, moving to a polymer compounder to lead their technical and quality assurance team.  Her role expanded to include manufacturing, and she was instrumental in rationalising the operations of two sites into one location, taking the role of Operations Manager. 


More recently, she has continued to work on a consultancy basis in the SME sector in the areas of quality assurance and technical support, offering specific expertise in the areas of material science, project and quality management .  


Kathy holds a degree in Chemistry and is a full member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, holding Chartered Chemist status.




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