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In tough times, your company bleeds cash:

·         stocks rise as sales fall;

·        you keep supplying goods and services, but customers delay payment;

·         support from banks is hard to come by;

·         bad debts push you closer to the edge.

Untreated, the leakage reaches a point where self-treatment is ineffective.  You need a doctor to help you:

·        diagnose the pain points  - identify what needs to be done and do it today!

·        STOP the symptoms - manage critical cash issues, restructure finances and maximise short-term profits;

·        plan a healthier future for the business;

·         GO for growth – get organised and grab the opportunities as the future brightens.

Parrallel’s approach to the problem is both pragmatic and unique.  We break the teatment into two stages:


Stage One:  Address the Issues

Identify and attack today’s pressing problems; use short-term gains to build confidence and create visibility of the longer term business needs.


Stage Two:  Plan the Future

Plan and execute a long term plan.


If your business is feeling pain, don’t delay, get a diagnosis:

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