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Business Transformation Services

Surveys show that 90% of companies simply can’t change fast enough to execute their own plans.  They are too busy chasing tomorrow’s business with yesterday’s ideas, organisational structures and processes. 


Parrallel’s approach to the problem is both pragmatic and unique.  We break transformational change into stages:


Stage One:  Get the start conditions right

Identify and attack today’s pressing problems; use short-term gains to build confidence; create visibility of the real business issues (collect some simple performance data); and work on the time management of the key managers – create the space for change.


Stage Two:  Plan the Future

Use the new visibility and time availability to plan properly (strategy workshop); communicate the need for change and the plans to achieve it; train where necessary (staff and management); execute specific projects on target improvement areas and do it quickly; and extend visibility to monitor the execution of changes as well as their impact on performance.


We tailor a transformational programme for each client, based on a Pain Diagnostic that identifies key actions for boosting Short Term Operational Performance (the STOP actions), and leads on to a Long Term Planning Workshop and a executable plan that helps the company Get Organised and Grab Opportunities (the GO activities).

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