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Parrallel's Approach to Training

At Parrallel we recognise that today’s workforce is under pressure.  Tight deadlines, complex responsibilities and dwindling resources can sometimes combine, making staff and management feel overwhelmed.  Just getting through the day becomes a challenge and the idea of training for improvement is often overlooked. 


But businesses survive and grow best when their people are motivated and stimulated through self-improvement and training is a vital component to achieve this.   


At Parrallel we believe in active learning – and each of us at Parrallel is a product of that approach.  We became trainers first by leading change ourselves, then by leading and teaching others how and when to change to improve their businesses and their careers.


We know that training in a vacuum without applying the learning to real problems is practically worthless.  We prefer to keep classroom training to a minimum and concentrate on working alongside you to stimulate new ways of thinking that you can apply to problem areas in your business.


We will offer you a package tailored to your needs, consisting of classroom training following by mentoring and coaching to help you apply the training to real problems in your business.


Whatever mix of training we agree, our aim is constant: to help you understand and tackle your real problems and train you and your team to keep up the momentum after we leave. 


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