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The Parrallel approach to transformation is based on 4 steps, supported by a series of proven tools, training programmes and direct activities.


Step One, the Parrallel Pain Diagnostic©, isn't just another questionnaire; 

it's a structured workbook tool that leads the discussion through each of the key functional areas of any business.  It can be run in less than an hour at its simplest, expanding to about half a day, when including analysis, reporting and planning of initial transformation activities - learn more about Parrallel's Pain Diagnostic Tool.


Step Two, Short Term Operating Performance STOP©. The Pain Diagnostic leads us to focus first on tackling the most pressing issues through a programme of rapid activities.These introduce the use of Parrallel tools such as 10-Steps-to Change, Performance Management and Active Time Management Training.


Step Three, Parrallel’s Long Term Planning Workshop introduces ideas about strategy, strategy planning and strategy execution. The long term planning process provides a tailored action plan and a measurement framework that acts as the management control system to run the execution phase..


Step Four, Get Organised, Grab Opportunities. This is where we tackle root causes of problems and help you to build a profitable business with increased value for the longer term. We can help as much or as little as you want to implement the agreed changes. Parrallel offers training, coaching, and mentoring for staff involved in the plan, as well as senior-level project management of the whole change programme.