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Ada Parr- Training & Communications Manager

Ada joined Parrallel Management as their training and communications manager, after a highly successful career, as a main board director of a NYSE top 10 company, which saw her working in 59 countries, setting up and managing an international network of PR/communications companies.


Her background includes the engineering, toy and household goods sectors, working in large and small to medium companies and including positions as a translator/interpreter, Commercial Director, Lecturer and main board Director.


Ada trained as a linguist and in Business Studies and used these skills extensively in her wide and varied career managing change at all levels, with special emphasis on communicating the change plans to people of many nationalities, cultures and backgrounds.


Her last role before joining Parrallel involved selecting and training companies and over 2000 staff from 59 different countries, such that they were able to function as one cohesive unit using common processes and approach, when working for multinational clients such as Gillette, Hewlett Packard; Wyeth etc.


A born organiser and a natural and highly effective communicator Ada adds huge strength to Parrallel’s training and communications capabilities – both essential to the successful delivery of transformational change.


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